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We promise that all our products come with a 50,000km or 2years warranty and delivery within 45 days

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Operates today with 120 qualified personnel, including 10,000 square meters of closed area.

With 2 million outputs including our all ranges of products can meet your order demands

Excellent R&D team

We build a comprehensive integrated network from development, design, production, sales to after-sales service and technical support

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Premium Quality Customer Trust

Our company has ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 certificates.

Products in our factories with Foging, Machining, Packaging, Mold and R&D departments and meets more than 20 countries in the world market.


How We Grow Your Business

GSTABILIZER is not only a China stabilizer link, Ball Joint, Tie Rod End, Rack End manufacturer but also your compenents supplier. We tailor our services to best support your different requirements.

E-commerce/Small Business

If you are an e-commerce business, we will help you to make your brand, customize products, and achieve your brand dreams. We can meet all your e-commerce (Shopify, Amazon) requirements


If you have an annual purchasing volume and need a wide range of products, we can offer a lower competitive price and help you to explore your market


If you have your own brand or you are a manufacturer, we will take advantage of our excellent cost-control to help you save unnecessary purchasing costs

How We Stand Out from Other Manufacturers

We strictly control every process in the production, start with raw material testing, inspection of machining dimensions, tension&torsion test, salt spray test, inspection of package etc

Thanks to our more than ten years of experience and our professionalism in Suspension and Steering Parts (Stabilizer Link, Ball Joint, Tie Rod End, Rack End), we have excellent cost control capabilities and provide the most cost-effective products on the premise of ensuring quality

Regardless of whether the client’s order is large or small, we treat it equally, because we want a long-term relationship and also can help our client to develop their business, we will try our best to serve our clients

Foreign factories not only can order finished-products from us, but also semi-finished products are available, such as ball pins (ball stud) ,spherical shells(ball cup), axial ball pin, socket, housing etc.

Our factory has more than 10years experiences in stabilizer link field with over 80 employees, and all of them have years of production working experiences, Most other factories often the products produced are not the same as the customer’s requirements, the delivery time is delayed, and the quality is not up to standard

Process of Placing Order

Contact us and give your drawings

Describe the product requirements and packaging

Mass production/inspect quality and arrange sea/air shipping

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